Monday, December 31, 2012

Two Pies for the New Year En Route to Baja ...

Two hottest recipes from my new supergirl mission...

Your mission should you choose to accept it 
 to open a juice bar, smoothie bar, superfoods gourmet cafe and healing arts center in B.C.S.!!!
I can't beleive it's raw Chewy Cacao Tootsie-Roll Cheezecake!!!
Happy New Year 2013!!!
Dear People!!

I am in Oceanside, California, at my Mom's. I am so blessed! The long-awaited visit to the Mexican Consulate in San Diego is Wednesday ... (The person I needed to talk to in Portland was on vacation) ... I am so excited about moving to Mexico!!! All prayers and friends are behind me now and the sooner I can have my working papers, the sooner I will be serving green smoothies and raw vegan desserts and sharing healing arts, and the sooner my kids will be down to visit me in paradise! 

Here's some of the fun I play with and love to nibble on and serve to everyone in sight!! :-) I find this food great for celebrations--not for everyday use but nonetheless it never fails to energize me and inspire me and fires up all burners on a cold winter's night!

Happy New Year Recipes to you wonderful friends from the upcoming Rawgoddess Baja ... Yes, rawprincess has graduated to Rawgoddess!!!


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Chewy Chocolate Tootsie-Roll Cheezecake & Cashew-Creme Carrot Cake
Party hardy with no regrets!!!
 I guess I do things in increments and I start off generally never knowing what is going to happen! I started off with melting coconut oil in a double boiler and whisking in my raw cacao powder ... vanilla extract, pink salt, even some agave all whisk whisk whisk!!!
 Meanwhile in the food processor I put a bunch of dates (pits removed) and whipped them up with a dab of water. I poured in the warm cacao mixture and blend blend blend. Soon I was able to add freshly milled raw cashew flour...
I love putting my cakes on a shabby chic platter
 ... here a polka-dot ribbon graces the eye.

The carrot cake was relegated to a simple pyrex pie dish.
 I poured that thick cacao yummy amazing concoction into a springboard pan that ALREADY had pressed into it a CRUST made of a delightful easy mixture of trail mix, date, almond, a dab of coconut oil and agave was stirred in afterward to hold it together plus I def used a bit of pink salt and pressed it all together. Made sure it tasted great.
It only takes a little to satiate and energize!
 I put that in the refrigerator. Now: onto the carrot cake mayhem. How did I create thee? Short term memory loss ensues. Alas, I will try.
True bliss in food photography.
 I had carrot pulp leftover from the morning carrot juice. In a separate bowl I placed food processor result of Trader Joe Go Raw trek mix with date and walnut, to which I processed and added coconut oil and actually organic soy lecithin granules. Remember pumpkin pie spice is imperative!!!
Dig the carrot cake with cashew-creme frosting!! Remember the pumpkin pie spice, don't forget!! 
 The frosting was yes, you guessed, coconut oil, cashew, lemon extract, and any raw delicate fatty sweet thing I could find in the cupboards and drawers. Last night the frosting had maca in it too.
The true test was my 21-year-old nephew who said it was the best ever! He loved the cacao pie the most and unfortunately he added Cool Whip to it but ha ha (seriously he did so have some cashew whipped cream ready in the future, note to self) he said that the raw vegan carrot cake I make always makes him feel fantastic AFTER he eats it, unlike many desserts he's experienced in life.

Chewy Chocolate Tootsie-Roll Cheezecake

In a double boiler melt:
  • Coconut oil
Whisk in:
  • Raw Cacao Powder
  • Pink Salt
  • Vanilla
Separately food process:
  • dates (pitted)
  • bit of water
  • agave nectar or stevia, coconut sugar as desired
Pour warmed cacao mixture from double boiler into food processor while whirring.
When smooth add raw cashew flour and process until smooth.

In food processor:
  • Trader Joe Go Raw Trek Mix (or fave raw trail mix)
  • small bit of date
  • small bit of coconut oil
  • small bit of pink salt
  • small bit of vanilla
Just until a dough forms. If too sticky stir in some almond flour by hand or coconut shreds.
Press into a springboard pan.

Pour Chocolate Tootsie-Roll Batter into shell and refrigerate. 
Press walnut pieces into chocolate cake as desired before serving.
Serve with your favourite whipped nut cream.

Cashew-Creme Carrot Cake

  • carrot pulp (set aside)
In food processor:
  • Trader Joe Go Raw Trek Mix or your favourite trail mix
  • dates
  • walnuts
  • pumpkin pie spice
  • pink salt
  • vanilla extract or inside podseeds scraped from vanilla pod
  • organic non GMO soy lecithin granules (lends a deep chewiness)
Fold into the carrot pulp and drizzle warmed coconut oil in as well as more honey and/ or agave as needed for great texture and taste.
Form the cake mixture into a pyrex cake pan or springform pan.

In food processor:
  • cashew flour, finely ground
  • coconut oil
  • lots of vanilla extract
  • lots of lemon extract
  • agave nectar
  • dates (pitted)
  • pink salt
Blend and whip until smooth.
Spread over cake mixture and cover and refrigerate. Top with walnut pieces in design.


Wednesday, December 12, 2012